Statement on bovine TB and badger culling

Patrick Begg, Rural Enterprise Director at the National Trust, said: “The National Trust is not involved in the pilot cull in Gloucestershire.

“We are strong supporters of vaccination as the long-term solution to this pressing problem. This is why we are running a badger vaccination programme at Killerton to help demonstrate the practicality of vaccinating badgers.

“We have consistently argued that any approach to tackling bovine TB in cattle should be science-led. All of the evidence points to the need for a comprehensive and multi-pronged approach to prevent transmission of the disease. This should include more rigorous measures to stop cattle-to-cattle, cattle-to-badger and badger-to-badger transmission.

“In England, we wouldn’t stand in the way of a pilot badger cull providing it was carried out according to best scientific advice. However, even if any pilots reduce TB in cattle, we don’t believe it will be possible to meet successful cull criteria over much larger areas.”

For a video on our vaccination programme and more information on this issue, visit our position statement:


3 thoughts on “Statement on bovine TB and badger culling

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