National Trust and Good Energy Powering a Greener Future

Good Energy Partnership Powers National Trust’s Bold Energy Ambitions

The National Trust and green energy supplier, Good Energy, have announced a strategic energy partnership to help conserve the nation’s special places.  

Good Energy will become the National Trust’s principal energy partner and will provide the charity with financial and practical support in developing renewable energy projects to help meet its ambitious target to halve its use of fossil fuels by 2020.

Projects are likely to include wood-fired boilers to replace old oil heating systems in National Trust properties, plus sustainable water and solar power installations to generate green electricity. 

As part of the initiative, Good Energy will offer its certified 100% green energy tariff to over 4m National Trust members, in addition to supporters and volunteers. 

For each National Trust supporter who signs up to the 100% tariff and standard gas, Good Energy will give up to £40 every year to support the National Trust. 

The UK is blessed with abundant renewable energy sources which were used effectively in the past to generate heat and power.  Good Energy will use its expertise in making the most of natural resources to generate energy, helping the National Trust to meet its bold targets. 

Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy, said:  “Good Energy’s mission is to make the world a more habitable place by changing the way we make and use energy.  This makes us an ideal partner for the National Trust, who takes care of our nation’s most special places.  We are looking forward to supporting the charity in its mission to half its use of fossil fuels by 2020, making the world a better place for all of us.”

Patrick Begg, National Trust Rural Enterprise Director said: “Building a renewable energy future for the special places we look after makes good business as well as environmental sense.

“Investing in renewables helps us reduce our costs which means more of the money we raise can go into vital conservation work. It also means we’re cutting our damaging carbon emissions by burning fewer fossil fuels.  This will be vital in helping us do our bit to reduce the impact of changing climate on these special places.

“The partnership with Good Energy will gives us the opportunity to develop a range of innovative new schemes, and also tap into a wealth of sound advice and support.

“Signing up to Good Energy is another way our members can support the work we do, showing how they care for the places we look after for the benefit of the nation.”


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