New council elected for next year

Out with the old and in with the new. Following our successful Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday in Swindon, the results of the council elections are in.

The Annual General meeting, National TrustThe Council is made up of 52 members, 26 elected by the members of the National Trust and 26 appointed by organisations whose interests coincide in some way with those of the National Trust. Its main responsibilities include:

  • Holding the Board of Trustees to account: the Council is the guardian of the spirit of the Trust and its long-term objectives.
  • Ensuring accountability
  • Shaping policy development
  • Inspiring support
  • Appoints the Board of Trustees
  • Holds the power to remove Trustees if required

The breadth of experience and perspective which this mix of elected and appointed members brings enables the Council to fulfil its role of holding the Board of Trustees to account. It helps to ensure that the Trust takes full account of the wider interests of the nation for whose benefit it exists and to act as the Trust’s conscience in delivering its statutory duties. All members of the Council are elected or appointed for an initial term of three years and are eligible to re-stand.

The breakdown of this year’s results can be found here.


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