Statement on changes to staff housing

We have decided that our approach to staff housing needs to be based on a business need rather than any historic arrangements.

We want to make sure that we reward staff consistently and transparently through a salary rather than providing housing where there is no longer a business case.

This will be fairer to other employees in similar roles and to ensure we are compliant with rules on tax.

Living on-site is not always as desirable as it may seem, particularly with the demands of a modern working environment and the extra responsibility it entails.

This is one of the reasons that our approach to date has become out-of-step with that of similar organisations.

We are currently reviewing what changes we need to make to ensure that all future staff housing is based on clear business needs and is consistent across the Trust. We currently expect between 120 and 190 members of staff to be affected by the change.

We expect to be able to announce the outcome of this process in February 2013.  We will then consult with members of staff affected by the changes, which will come into affect by 2017.

We recognise that this will be unsettling for affected staff, which is why we’re working with our   trade union, Prospect, and talking to individuals about how the changes might affect them.

We’ve agreed a financial support package with the Union in readiness for any changes that may come from the review.


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