National Trust reaction to Government statement on Forestry Panel Report

Simon Pryor, Natural Environment Director, at the National Trust, said

“We are pleased that the Government has agreed with the Panel and will be securing the Forestry Commission‘s woodlands in England for future generations to enjoy. The way in which people rallied to defend these woodlands was fantastic and it’s good to see the government take this decision to end the uncertainty over the fate of our public forests.”

Woodland on the Blickling Estate, Norfolk. (NTPL)

“It is vital that the conservation work the Forestry Commission has done, restoring ancient woodland and providing woodland recreation, is sustained. We are pleased to see additional short-term funding for the FC, but hope that the Government’s emphasis on generating more of its income from commercial activity is not at the expense of providing conservation and recreation benefits.”

“It’s really good to have the Government agreeing to most of the other recommendations of the Panel. The policy statement is light on detail for some key areas, and we look forward to hearing more about how these aspirations can be turned into reality. There are no big surprises, and given the big vision from the Panel it would have been nice to see a few more fresh commitments and new initiatives.”

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