Fiji: Welcome to World Heritage Day

The National Trust of Fiji

As April 18 dawns on the world, the National Trust of Fiji, a member of the INTO, will be the first organisation to kick start the celebrations for World Heritage Day. And it has a special programme planned out.

The National Trust of Fiji, through its site, the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park will be celebrating World Heritage Day 2013 with its neighbouring primary school, Kulukulu Public School.

The Kulukulu Public School is close to the National Park and has over the last few years participated in a few of the National Park’s education and awareness programs.

This year, the National Trust of Fiji together with the Kulukulu Public School, will engage the school children in the celebration of World Heritage Day 2013- “Heritage of Education”.

Both places share a common history. They are places where people from different walks of life come to learn, share and get enlightened. They are special places and will continue to be special to those who appreciated them then and appreciate them now.

This partnership provides a chance to capture the essence of World Heritage Day and reward the many young eager minds, the value of our heritage. These young minds will become our future heritage ambassadors who will remind our people, that our past greatly influences our futures and hold the key to opening tomorrow’s door.

April 18 is a celebration of the National Trust of Fiji and the Kulukulu Public School as not only being special places but being places that nourish our future.

Our celebration program for the day will happen in two parts: the first part will take place at Kulukulu Public School. The lower and middle primary school students (mainly Years 1 to 6) will be engaged in an Art and Craft competition followed by a ‘Chorus’ competition. Both activities will be themed on ‘My School, My Heritage’. These young students will be encouraged to capture through their artwork and creative drama what their school has come to mean to them and the people around them. It provides our young heritage ambassadors a chance to expose their creativity through a media that is already part of their cultural heritage. The children will be rewarded for their contributions through prizes and certificates.

The second part of the programme will happen at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park. It will involve the upper primary classes, mainly Years 7 and 8. These older students will be the first to pioneer the Park’s Heritage Race. This is a first for the National Trust of Fiji. The Race is in essence like the renowned ‘Amazing race’. Children in their little groups will race around the National Park’s Yatolekaleka Track (1 hr track), with ‘task stops’ along the track. There will be 7 task stops that each group must visit in order to complete the Race. The task stops provide the Park Heritage Rangers a chance to get the students to test their knowledge and dexterity on ‘heritage-themed tasks’. Tasks can range from mind teasers like ‘4 Pictures, 1 Word’, to seed hunting and structure building along the beachfront to identifying native birds. The group that finishes all their tasks successfully and makes it to the finish line first, wins the Race. The winner gets the Heritage Trophy. The Heritage Race will become an annual event for the National Park.

The day’s program is designed to be interactive, fun and educational and will highlight the special attributes of the Sigatoka Sand National Park and the Kulukulu Public School.

April 18 promises to be a memorable day for everyone. We wish you all a Happy World Heritage Day!

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  • The National Trust of Fiji is a statutory organisation established under the National Trust Act Cap 265 in 1970. The Functions of the National Trust of Fiji are: to promote the permanent preservation for the benefit of the nation of lands (including reefs), buildings, furniture, pictures and chattels of every description having national, historic, architectural or natural interest of beauty; the protection and augmentation of the amenities of any such land or buildings and their surroundings and to preserve their natural aspect and features; to protect plant and animal life; and to provide for the access to and enjoyment by the public of such lands, buildings and chattels.

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