Uganda: Heritage fights for recognition

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda.

As the World celebrates the International Heritage Day on the 18th of April, Uganda’s heritage resources are still neglected. This is because heritage is considered as something of the past with less relevance to the current development processes and many people think it cannot bring food on the table. Other reasons for neglecting our heritage resources include among others, lack of political will by the government to support the culture sector and the lack of awareness of the values of heritage resources which include cultural tourism, which provides an alternative to animal tourism or nature based tourism.

This disregards the fact that heritage is a source of our identity. The International Heritage Day is thus an opportunity to create awareness about the importance of heritage to Ugandans. Exhibitions and cultural performances are organised as a way of raising the profile of heritage resources.

To further promote heritage in Uganda, from 30th September to 4th October, Uganda will host an International Conference of the National Trusts Organisations which is a global network of organisations with a common interest in the conservation and enjoyment of our shared heritage – built and natural, tangible and intangible.

During the conference, delegates will have the opportunity to explore and appreciate Uganda’s rich heritage through four learning journeys which include a journey to see traditional healing mechanisms, spiritual and physical health enrichment; a journey to the people and stories at the Source of the Nile; a journey to cultural values and national parks and a journey to an African Kingdom in the 21st century

For Ugandans, the conference and the learning journeys will provide an unprecedented opportunity to showcase important aspects of Uganda’s heritage to the international community. From the conference, we hope Uganda will continue to promote other aspects of her tourism products such as cultural tourism. A country without heritage has no future, viva Heritage!


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