Alan Power sets off on a motorbike tour of historic Gardens

With his trusty 1958 Norton motorcycle and a passion for historic gardens, Stourhead’s head gardener is setting off for a three month tour of some of the best gardens of England, Ireland and Wales.

Alan Power, Head Gardener at Stourhead, Wiltshire.

Alan Power, Head Gardener at Stourhead, Wiltshire.

Well known for his expertise and love of the landscape garden which makes Stourhead world famous, Alan is keen to see and learn more about some of the other great gardens and has taken time off from his beloved Stourhead to fulfil his ambition. Also a motorbike enthusiast, he is using his classic Norton racing bike for the trip – as well as his more modern BMW S1000R. The aim of the trip is to see – and learn from – some of the many great historic gardens in the British Isles, and bring back ideas for the National Trust’s garden at Stourhead. Alan commented:

“There are so many wonderful places out there, and marvellous people looking after them,”


“I never have time to explore other gardens in the way that I would like to, just to see what they are and enjoy discovering something. Often we go to places with an agenda but this time I am planning to just arrive, have a good coffee in the restaurant and a wander round and discover things.


“I still love the reaction that I get when I walk into Stourhead so it would be good to see what reactions can be found in other historic gardens, learn how they came into being and see if there are any tips and lessons I can pick up to bring back to Stourhead.”

 Alan doesn’t intend to be alone on his trip. He is hoping to be followed by some of the many fans of Stourhead by recording his travels on twitter on @alanstourhead and also on the National Trust Stourhead Facebook page. He hopes to post photos and even some short videos of his adventure. He will also spend a little time filming a garden series for the BBC.

As well as picking up some gardening tips, followers will also be able to share his love of motorbikes. A trip to the National Trust’s Stowe landscape garden may just include a diversion to nearby Silverstone with a chance to take a track bike around Stowe corner.

Pride of place. Alan's 1958 Norton and BMW S1000R

Pride of place. Alan’s 1958 Norton and BMW S1000R


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