National Trust reaction to Common Agricultural Policy deal

Patrick Begg, the Trust’s Rural Enterprise Director said: “There was so much to be won by being bold about the long term future of agriculture in Europe, yet the final settlement feels like a backward step. The Commission rhetoric at the outset was encouraging: more public benefit for public money, we were told and a deeper commitment to protecting finite natural resources. Yet the deal announced today makes it harder, not easier to reward farmers and land managers for the provision of fundamental public goods. Our ability to lay the foundations of a sustainable farming industry – healthy productive soils, clean water, cultural landscapes and public access – has been seriously undermined.”

“There’s less money to go around as a result of today and a risk that the message to land managers is ‘carry on farming as before’. Our Government needs to show real leadership in Europe and send a clear signal that environmental sustainability has to be put at the heart of farming in the UK. It’s critical that Owen Paterson uses his discretion to shift as much resource as possible from Pillar I to Pillar II. He needs to back new agri-environment schemes, open to as many farmers as possible, and that set a high bar for quality farming and are based on safeguarding and improving our precious soils, water resources, landscapes, and wildlife.”

The National Trust owns 200,000 hectares of farmland (80 per cent of its total land ownership) and has 2,000 farm tenants.


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