National Trust welcomes Government decision to retain Environment Agency and Natural England

The National Trust welcomes the Government’s decision to retain the Environment Agency and Natural England as two distinct bodies under an approach that seeks closer working and collaboration between the two.

Avoiding further structural disruptions is welcome at a time when there is so much that needs to be achieved to improve the state of our natural environment.

Yesterday’s additional cuts to Defra’s budgets means that the job for these agencies is all the more challenging – coming at a time when a new CAP deal has just been reached – creating new challenges for our farmed environment – and an array of infrastructure plans and projects are being announced.

Dr Simon Pryor, Natural Environment Director for the National Trust said: “We believe that the Government should now strongly recommit to the broad agenda it backed in the publication of the Natural Environment White Paper two years ago, by ensuring that the proposed Environment Agency and Natural England joint delivery plan is grounded in this. We think this should also connect in the management of the public forest estate.

“By working together, we believe that Defra’s agencies can and must create a stronger vision for the future of the nation’s vital environmental infrastructure, from the centre of our cities to the seas around our shores.”

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