Comment on today’s Times article on fracking

Commenting on today’s Times article on fracking, a National Trust spokesman said:

“Shale gas is a fossil fuel which may prove a fool’s gold and distract attention from a shift to renewables.

“The environmental and visual impacts are also unproven, and this is what concerns many people. We want to see more evidence on what this impact will be.

“Our position is a presumption against fracking on our land. “It doesn’t mean that in time that won’t change – if the environmental and visual impacts are negligible and it is part of a strategy to move to a low carbon economy.”

Our full position statement on fracking can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Comment on today’s Times article on fracking

  1. I do sincerely hope NT that you examine the impacts of shale gas extraction in the UK and of coal seam gas extraction in QLD Australia. The USA and Australian people are being steamrolled by the massive fossil fuel industry in its final death throes. The impacts on aquifers are already emerging in Australia, massive gas fields are being created (its not just one well), with air pollution from emitted nitrous oxides from flaring waste gas producing ground level ozone, and communities are being built around by massive industrial complexes. Would you want to live in an oil refinery? The jobs promised actually go to overseas workers brought in by the gas drilling and construction companies, not stimulating local jobs, massive workers camps bring prostitution not local business, company tax minimisation is rampant and royalties fail to fully materialise as promised. Your beautiful countryside, as in Pennsylvania and Australia will be ruined as the gas companies infill with more and more wells, compressor stations, gas and water treatment plants, pipelines, trucks carrying massive loads of shale busting chemicals, like hydrofluoric acid. You will experience seismic shocks if they reinject water. Follow the French and Scotland and ban shale gas extraction in the UK.

  2. How does the “presumption against fracking ” position, stated by the NT, tally with what Dame Helen Ghosh, the trust’s director-general, is reported as saying in various newspapers today?

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  4. The National Trust is prepared to consider fracking on its land, having all but ruled out wind farms, according to the head of the conservation charity, Dame Helen Ghosh. The trust owns 600,000 acres of land and 700m miles of coastline. Apparently, the Trust has yet to see what the surface environmental impact of fracking is, and is waiting for the evidence. Images from a US National Parks study provide a ready answer – go to

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