New chough chicks at Lizard Point

National Trust and RSPB volunteers are celebrating the arrival of new chough chicks at Lizard Point.

Lizard Wildlife Watchpoint, Credit Catherine Lee (National Trust ©)

The discovery comes after a dramatic end for the original pair who had pioneered the natural return of choughs to Cornwall in 2001, raising 46 chicks. In late May last year the male bird died defending his territory against a young male who then paired up with the female. Two weeks later she too disappeared, leaving the young male to raise the chicks alone. After a month of hard, lonely work the younger male managed to successfully raise the youngsters who fledged in July last year.

New Lizard Chough Pair - Credit Terry Thirlaway (National Trust ©)

The young male held his new territory over the winter and attracted a new mate. In March, the pair built two nests at Lizard Point but finally settled in the original nest cave.

BTO bird ringer, Tony Cross, confirmed while colour ringing the young choughs that they were raising a brood of three new chicks in their nest (two males and a female).

New Chough Chicks, Credit RSPB ©

New Chough Chicks, Credit RSPB ©

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