National Trust statement on volunteering

Volunteers currently support the National Trust by performing over 200 different roles, including as room guides, rangers, event managers, conservation assistants and even business mentors.

In the last ten years, the Trust has seen its volunteer community grow to over 61,000, and we’re incredibly grateful for their support.

The number of volunteers, who support us on a regular basis, remains unchanged at around 40,000 and interest in volunteering at the Trust remains high. In some places there are even waiting lists in place for volunteers.

We however recognise that demographic patterns are changing: people will retire later and may find themselves caring for grandchildren or elderly parents.

The way people will want to volunteer their time is also likely to change in future. Our research shows people want a more flexible approach to fit in with their busy lives.

We are already responding to this challenge and have been working with staff and volunteers for a number of years to adapt our approach. This helped inform our 10-year volunteering strategy, which also looked at how we can make sure we continue to be attractive to new volunteers.

We know people will only give up their time if they enjoy volunteering at the Trust and that their skills, passion and interests are well-matched to the roles they are offered.

In our 2014 volunteer survey, 97% said they enjoyed their volunteering with the NT. And 96% said they would recommend volunteering with the NT.

We’re always keen to hear from people who want to volunteer with us. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about the volunteer opportunities available should contact their local property or look at our website.


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