Statement on senior membership price increases

The National Trust currently offers nearly one million senior members a heavily discounted price of 25% off our adult rates.

This discount is offered to senior members who have held either an individual or joint membership for at least five of the last ten years as a way of saying thank you for their long-term support.

That costs the Trust over £11m a year (in lost income) but we believe it’s right to reward our members’ loyalty in this way.

The senior discount for the National Trust was always intended to be 25%. However, over recent years this increased to more than 30%. We’re now readjusting the discount back to 25%.

An individual senior member will pay £47.50 this year, compared to £63 for a single adult membership. Joint  senior members will pay £78, compared to £105 for joint adult membership.

These new prices, which came into effect on March 1, mean an increase of 25p a month / £3 a year for an individual senior membership and a rise of 46p a month / £5.50 year for a joint senior membership by 46p a month / £5.50 year. That’s less than the price of buying a second class stamp every month and significantly cheaper than the full adult rate.

We’re a charity which relies on the support of its members and supporters to fund its conservation work. The costs of looking after the amazing places in our care are going up. Last year, we spent the equivalent of over a £2m a week on conservation work at our places, a rise of 15% compared to 2015.

We have also committed to spending an extra £100m a year for the next 10 years to address a backlog of conservation work. We can only do that with the support and generosity of our supporters.

We’re responding to what our members want by keeping our doors open for longer, at times which suit them. More properties than ever are now open for 363 days a year. We’ve also invested heavily in improving our visitor experiences and recruited hundreds of people, keeping places open longer and providing better experiences.

We believe we offer great value for money. For around a fiver a month, a member can enjoy unlimited access to over 500 Trust locations across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, whilst helping to look after them for future generations to enjoy.




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