National Trust Statement on Voluntary Internships

The National Trust believes that voluntary internships provide a great opportunity to involve a wide range of people in our work at the same time as gaining work experience of direct benefit for their future careers.

Clear guidance is provided to all staff that create intern roles to ensure that the opportunities we provide are as accessible, fair, well-managed and as meaningful as we can make them for participants. All internships support projects, rather than everyday business, and placements last no longer than six months.

We want to make our internships open to a wide range of people. That’s why we limit the roles to part-time hours, to ensure people still have the time for paid work, look for new roles or on-going studies.

We cover all out-of-pocket expenses, including lunch costs and travel.

We are committed to developing the skills of all of our interns and work with them to set goals at the start of their placement. During the course of the internship, we monitor how these goals are being reached and look at what training opportunities there might be.

To help us continue to improve the internship programme, we run annual surveys of our interns. Last year’s survey revealed that 94% of interns agreed they enjoyed their internship and 90% would recommend an internship with the National Trust.

While the Trust cannot guarantee an internship will lead to paid employment, a good number of our previous interns have found employment with us and many more have gone on to find jobs in related sectors.

Internships are just one way people volunteer their time to support our charity. We have 61,000 volunteers at the Trust, of which 33 are interns.


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