BBC’s Charlotte Smith: my TOP moments from BBC Countryfile Live

BBC Countryfile Live, the first live festival based on the BBC’s hit countryside show, ended on a high yesterday. Over four days thousands descended on Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, for sun-kissed days of debate, farm animals and play.

Charlotte Smith, presenter of BBC Farming Today, spoke to us about her top moments from hosting the speakers in the National Trust Theatre at BBC Countryfile Live.

The most useful thing I learnt was with Mike Dilger – to impersonate the mating call of a particular type of Toucan. We posted a video of it on Twitter.  It’s apparently gone viral.

From journalist Will Self, I learnt to think about drifting, which is my plan for my next day off:  to walk out of my house with no plan, no mobile phone and just see where I get to.

From the Wainwright Golden Beer Prize authors I discovered the different ways people not only write about nature, but also respond to nature – and the really amazing impact it can have on people’s lives.

Over the next few years everything is up for grabs in the countryside. Brexit will have a massive impact. Everything could change or nothing could change.

At next year’s BBC Countryfile Live, the thing I’m both looking forward to and dreading in equal measure is camping. This year my son went around some of the shops. He’s chosen a tent and told the salesman that his mum would be along to buy it.

Watch highlights from the live show on BBC Countryfile on Sunday 21 August. BBC Countryfile Live will return to Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, next year, 3-6 August 2017.


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