PICTURES: National Trust rangers wake up to frost as temperatures plunge

With temperatures falling to minus 7 celsius last night, National Trust rangers were this morning treated to stunning heavy frosts across England and Wales.

Volunteer John Hubble captured the early morning sunshine at Croome Park, Worcestershire. The 250 year old parkland was designed by society landscaper Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown. And rangers have spent the last decade working closely with a cattle grazier to restore the grassland landscape that would once have been familiar to Croome’s eighteenth century owners.


Croome Park is bleached pink in the early morning sun. Credit: John Hubble/National Trust

Temperatures in parts of the Lake District dropped to minus 3 celsius last night. Loughrigg Fell, near Ambleside, was left covered in frost.


A misty morning at Loughrigg in the Lake District. Credit: Rachel Forsyth/National Trust

Ranger Richard Newman was checking recently-installed boardwalks at Morden Hall Park, south London, when he caught this beautiful sunrise.


Rangers caught this frosty sunrise at Morden Hall Park, south London. Credit: John Newman/National Trust

Parts of Llyn Ogwen in Snowdonia froze overnight – the first time this winter that the lake has frozen over. According to local legend Llyn Ogwen could be the final resting place of Excalibur – King Arthur’s famous sword.


Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia, is rumoured to be where sword Excalibur was left by King Arthur’s knights. Last night it froze over for the first time this winter. Credit: Simon Rogers/National Trust


3 thoughts on “PICTURES: National Trust rangers wake up to frost as temperatures plunge

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  2. Beautiful – I got fed up with sitting on the bus this morning so walked the last couple of miles from the park and Ride along the Thames into Oxford. Shame I did not have a camera on me because it was stunning (and much fresher than on the overcrowded bus!)

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