Lighting up the night with Wallington’s 1000 Christmas trees

This Christmas, the National Trust are hosting over 760 events and celebrations across the country, from winter markets to festive craft workshops and beautiful light displays.

To mark the start of the seasonal celebrations, the charity is showcasing 1,000 handcrafted and decorates Christmas trees at Wallington, a stunning 17th century mansion and grounds in Northumberland.


Credit: National Trust

The trees have been dressed by a team of 33 volunteers and staff, who have spent an incredible 744 collective hours preparing the festive decorations.

The centrepiece of the display is the 115-year-old 40ft Nookta Cypress tree, which stands in front of the main house. It takes a team of arboriculturalists on cherry pickers two days to hang 6,000 LED bulbs that transform the tree, with a further 6,000 lights adorning branches across the rest of the estate.

Wallington was donated to the National Trust by the Trevelyan family in 1942, and since then the charity has been working to preserve and protect the 13,000-acre estate.  The seasonal display was inspired by the Trevelyan family’s unique ‘Book of Trees’ which was kept by three generations – capturing the life cycle of trees around the property.

Robert Thompson, the House Steward for Wallington said: “The celebration of an old tradition – decorating the many trees we have here – really makes for a memorable experience for our visitors. It also highlights the incredible work the team do behind-the-scenes to make Christmas a special time for everyone.”

“We want our guests to experience the nation’s oldest Christmas stories and enjoy the places that keep these traditions alive.” said Leanne Ricketts, the National Trust’s Christmas Project Lead. “It’s only with the support of our visitors and members that our volunteers and staff can dedicate thousands of hours bringing the traditions of our places to life, and paving the way for families and friends to create their own Christmas with us.”

The National Trust Christmas in numbers:

  • 1,350,358 people visit National Trust sites during the festive season
  • 762 Christmas events and celebrations will take place at National Trust sites across the country
  • A team of 33 volunteers and staff at Wallington, have spent an incredible 744 hours collectively preparing the festive decorations
  • More than 1,000 trees will be showcased across the Wallington estate, with over 12,000 twinkling lights – 6,000 of which can be found displayed on the 115-year-old, 40ft Nookta Cypress tree.

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