National Trust backs Forestry Commission’s Keep It Clean campaign

The Forestry Commission has called on visitors to woods and forests to help stop the spread of plant diseases.

The quango, which manages 900,000 hectares of woods and forests in England, has launched a new campaign, Keep It Clean. Bosses at the Commission are asking people to clean mud and leaves from boots, buggies and bikes before and after visiting woodlands.

Taking these small steps could help slash the risk of spreading damaging plant diseases like phytophthora ramorum, the Forestry Commission said. 

Supporting the Keep It Clean campaign Simon Toomer, National Trust plant conservation specialist, said: “We look after thousands of acres of gardens and woodlands which are home to some of the rarest plants in the country. Our conservation work depends on welcoming millions of people to our properties every year and we support this campaign’s ambition to encourage all our visitors to do everything they can to help preserve our rich plant heritage.”

To find out more about how you can help limit the spread of plant pests and diseases visit:

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