How is the wet weather affecting wildlife?

National Trust ecologist Pete Brash was planning to survey wildlife on a National Trust tenanted farm in the Peak District’s Hope Valley.

But the wildlife expert, who works in the Trust’s biological survey team, was forced back indoors by thunderous rain. Birds across the country have been struggling under heavy downpours – with more rain forecast for the coming week.

Pete Brash said: “I suspect today’s weather will be absolutely disastrous for some birds. Gale force winds and driving torrential rain is a bad combination in June.

“There’s a serious chance that nests in tree branches could be wrecked by the wind. Chilling is a big risk too for eggs and nestlings. And flooding might be a risk factor for some ground nesting birds.

“Adult birds may be struggling to find sufficient food to feed to chicks in this weather. Food availability will be lower while the cold will make birds use up more energy trying to keep warm.”



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