Contact us

For general information please contact 0844 800 4955 or email


Corporate communications

Nick Foley – Head of Communications – 07747 721897

Nature, wildlife, coast & countryside

Tom Morgan – Senior Press Officer – 07795 953073

Historic places, museums & culture

Alison Dalby – Senior Press Officer – 01793 817780

Gardens & cultural heritage

Clem Teagle – Press Officer – 07787 105833

Countryfile Live

Jeannette Heard – Communications & Events Manager – 01793 817706


Days out & events

Imogen Tinkler – Assistant PR Officer – 01793 818562


Claire Beale – PR Officer – 01793 818506

Video Communications and images

Did you know you can download video and still pictures of our places from More than a million still photos and hundreds of high resolution video clips are already available and the number is growing all the time. Most of them can be licensed free of charge for news editorial use.

You can see the latest videos about our work and the places we care for at

Providing National Trust video content, edited packages and B Roll for media use.
Lisa Gledhill – Video Communications Officer – 01793 818551

For permission to film at our places see Film hire.


10 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Dear National Trust
    we recently filmed with you on inner farne island – wondered if you could recall the name of the ranger we dealt with. The programme is called “Globe Trekker” and David steel was meant to be our assigned contributor but he was unavailable.

    Ian Sciacaluga Director of Globe Trekker ‘North East England’

  2. I would like to understand the National Trusts views on animal slaughter following comments made by the President of the RCVS. I would like your assurance that all animal products sold on your premises has been pre stunned prior to slaughter. I hold a family member card and do not wish unwittingly to contribute to animal cruelty by eating meat and poultry which has not been killed to the highest welfare standards of this country.

    • Hi Susan

      Thank you for your message.

      We purchase all our centrally procured meats from trusted suppliers and do not buy Halal meat or poultry in any form for our menus. We work with our properties to ensure that meat purchased regionally or locally also meets our minimum standards.

      Our minimum standard of farm assurance for all beef, lamb, poultry and pork meat is Red Tractor. Since 2006 we have been working to raise production and slaughter standards to Freedom Food certified for all centrally produced pork, chicken and farmed Atlantic salmon to ensure that good animal welfare is demonstrated to the end of life.

      National Trust Press Office

  3. Hi we would like to find out the gobbins is be open it is saying spring 2014 and we are over visiting early April 2014 only news about it goes upto spring 2013

  4. Bonjour,
    Aujourd’hui 21/03/2015 en France à la TV sur la 5, j’ai vu ce matin un magnifique documentaire à 6heures du matin, sur les manoirs, châteaux, jardins et lieux du National Trust. Comment et où capter pour revoir cette émission en français ? Les programmes TV ne la mentionne pas, dont je n’ai pas le titre…

    • Bonjour Anne

      Firstly, apologies that I am unable to respond in French but I hope that I have been able to understand your message correctly. Unfortunately without the title I am unsure as to what the documentary would have been, unless it was perhaps ‘Inside the National Trust’? Perhaps you might be able to contact the television station directly for more information on when/if they might show a repeat?

      Sorry that I am unable to help further.

      Best wishes


  5. We are holding an event in the village of Lacock on the 21st June & would like to post a promotional article in the local Melksham Times with your permission to do so please? We have had permission to do the event by Tara Castle, the rural surveyor at Lacock.

    • Hello Ann

      Thank you for getting in touch. I will send you an email with some email addresses of the people to get in touch with.

      Best wishes


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